Admission Policy

Christianity and the Bible is the only religious medium used.

Both parent and student have an interview with the Principal during which the procedures of ACE is thoroughly discussed and explained. An application form is completed and submitted by the parent accompanied by documentation which is required and the necessary fees are paid. Students are evaluated.

The Admissions Officer, namely the person to whom this authority is delegated by the Principal, is responsible for the administration of admission to the school. The parents will be notified once the necessary Financial means/credit check and all required documentation is satisfactory.

Vine Christian School
Vine Christian School

Biblical Principles

  • Christianity and the Bible will be the only religious medium used in the Vine Christian School.
  • Christian Biblical character traits will be constantly expounded in all subjects of the curriculum.
  • All learners must agree to attend all Christian meetings held during school hours, to fully honour the Christian principles taught, and not to promote any other religion at school.
  • One of the basic reasons why parents enrol their children in a Christian school is to obtain an education grounded in moral values and Scriptural principals. The school uses the Biblically based ACE curriculum, which includes Scripture memory passages and references to God and Jesus Christ – all designed to help students develop moral character, sense of accountability, and wisdom in their young lives.
  • Standards of personal conduct, school policies and the curriculum continue to build the students sense of responsibility and integrity.

Admissions Procedure


Parents visit the school


Both parents and student have interview with Principal


Parents and prospective students read the handbook thoroughly.


Parents /student could be requested to provide a Pastor’s letter of recommendation and character reference.


Parents complete an application form and submit it accompanied by Supporting Documentation


Parents are notified of the date the prospective student must do the Grade 1 - Reading Readiness Test. – R250.00

Other grades - Diagnostic Tests – R400.00 [Fee payable on date of test]


School office will then call for an interview (both parents and student) with the Principal to discuss results of Diagnostic tests.

  • Previous report card
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Medical history certificate
  • Recent passport/ID size photo

All students must have the following immunizations:

  • Diphthera
  • Rubella
  • Polio
  • Small Pox
  • Measles

If so opted by parents on application form, the school will undertake the necessary Financial Means/Credit Check.

School fees 2018

Click here to view table with 2018 School Fees. These fees are subject to change on a yearly basis.

Fees are subject to change on a yearly basis

  • Diagnostic Tests: Payable on day of testing
  • Enrollment Fee:

    Includes Registration Fee + Books Deposit Fees

    Payable on submission of application form

    Once-off payment


  • Tuition Fee:

    Calculated over 11 months.

    Second learners receive R220 discount

    Third and Fourth learners receive R220 discount

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