Vine Christian School


  • A solid, internationally recognized education that is individual
  • Development of locally relevant curriculum and compliance with the South African National Curriculum Requirements.
  • Learners are diagnosed in order to meet your Childs individual needs and learning ability. Gifted students are motivated and weaker students are not left behind but allowed to work at their own pace.
  • A curriculum that assists learners in setting their own goals and prepares them to manage multiple projects, objectives and deadlines with ease.
  • A program that not only imparts knowledge and understanding, but incorporates character-building and wisdom principles.
  • Qualified teachers assisted by trained Para–professional administrative staff allowing teachers to concentrate solely on teaching.

5 Laws of Learning

The chief distinction of this curriculum is its focus on WISDOM as a critical part of the learning process 5 Laws of Learning by ACE:

5 Laws Of Learning by ACE:

  1. The learner must be on a LEVEL where he can perform.
  2. The learner must set reasonable GOALS he can achieve in a set period of time.
  3. The learner must be CONTROLLED and MOTIVATED to assimilate, use or experience the material.
  4. Learning must be MEASURABLE.
  5. Learning must be REWARDED.
Vine Christian School

Vital building block year designed to prepare learners for the Learning to Read Program, which commences in grade one. The Preschool with Ace and Christi programme is used in this year. The child will start learning our phonetic system in preparation for grade One.

We consider reading to be the backbone education.

It is here that firm foundations of the alphabet and number concepts are laid. Learners are enabled to recognize, sound out and form letters. The Learning-to-Read-Program enables the learner after 15-18 weeks to read simple sentences fluently.

The ABCs of ACE program dovetails completely with the Preschool program, using the same basic sounds, familiar songs and animal friends. It is a whole body learning experience, as the learners are encouraged by using all five senses viz. Touch, smell, taste, hearing & sight, which enhance the mastery of each phonic sound. It is a whole body learning experience as the learners are encouraged to move with the music.

On completion of this ABC’s program a Post Test is done to ensure that each child has mastered the alphabet letters and 44 sounds and has a good understanding of numbers. The learners are lock-stepped during the ABC’s program and when they start their core subjects.

Parents are encouraged to be involved and motivate children to cultivate a love of books and reading.

The learners are encouraged to progress in a balanced fashion in all their core subjects. Extra attention is given to procedures and hand writing. The system ensures that each child has mastered the subject material in each PACE (module). The learners still have stories read to them in this level as it is of paramount importance that they hear English being read. Great emphasize is placed on the joys of reading and discovering the world through books.

The learners will have to learn to set goals independently. As our system is goal orientated, the learners are prepared for their future tertiary studies. The development of critical thinking skills is built into the ACE system of education. Learners are trained to think independently and to apply their knowledge to real life situations. The learners are encouraged to apply problem solving. Self discipline is an essential requirement at this stage of a learner’s progress. Once grade 12 is completed, our students are always welcomed into universities both in South Africa and overseas.

We offer an aftercare facility, which offers a safe environment after school for students and peace of mind for parents.

Aftercare offers a light meal every day and help with homework. Students of all grades are accommodated.

Aftercare hours: 14:00 to 17:00, during the school terms only.

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All Africa Student Convention

The AASC is an annual event that is held over a period of one week. High school learners from across Africa (and even Scandinavia) come together to compete in events in a variety of areas: academic, art, sport, music, platform (speech & drama), and dance. AASC can best be described as a mini Olympics for learners in schools using the A.C.E. system and other Christian schools. For the past few years this event has taken place in Bloemfontein.

Learners who excel in their events are nominated to attend the International Student Convention, which is held in the USA once a year. The ISC tour is a life-changing experience and an awesome opportunity for learners.