About us

Vine Christian School


In our decaying society, where moral standards, ethics and family values are traded for instant gratification, ill-discipline and Godlessness, we believe that we are placed strategically by God to influence and motivate our learners academically and spiritually.

It is therefore our Vision:

“To impact, guide and assist every learner to their full God-given potential through excellent academics and character development, to become an effective and contributing member of society, living with purpose and intent.”


“To enable every learner to develop their skills & knowledge on all levels of their being, as a foundation for career development, in order to uplift and enrich their communities. To assist learners in developing a strong Biblically based value system, respecting God, the Creator of life in all its forms. To assist learners to take responsibility for their own destiny, whilst cultivating a attitude of faithfulness and gratitude to God.

The Vine Christian School is an independent school, founded by its members in 1997, for the sole purpose of providing a high standard of education, as a Non-Profit association NPO (014 – 500 NPO). The school is also registered as a Public Benefit Organization.

Our History

The school was established in 1997 and is situated in the midst of the Garden Route in the beautiful town of George, Western Cape. The Vine serves children across the spectrum of the community, and is available to all the children of our town. The school has become increasingly known and popular in George and surroundings. The school is a Non Profit Organization and is registered in terms of the schools act and as an independent school.

June 1995

God gave Graham McGlashan a vision for George to start an ACE school.

Train up children in the ways of the Lord and equip them to minister in the uttermost parts of the world. God promised that He would raise up the people to work with Graham and operate in all areas of this vision, God showed Graham that through this ministry, many children would come to know and serve Him. The future of the church is in the young people. The Vine opened in January 1997. God gets all the glory. His idea – His school. Matthew 16:18.

Graham Mcglashan was the founder and administrator. God told him he would only be involved with the school for two years. So, at the end of that time he handed the school over to the parent body and teachers. Mrs Ann Warburton was the first principal. The school started with 24 students from Grades 1 to 10. Parents who were keen to help at the time decided on the name. God had given John 15 and the whole concept of the school was worked around that chapter. The school song comes from a chorus that was sung many years ago.

Vine Christian School Vine Christian School

Governing Body & School Management

The school has a principal, assisted by an administrator, secretary and teachers. The student ratio is 1:10. Students gain tremendously in the system by receiving optimal individual attention in the learning centre.

The Vine Christian School Governing Body members are elected by the school parents and serve for two years. The governing body has various portfolios namely, Chair, property, sport, marketing, finances and administrative. Constitutionally the Principal and school administrator are always members of the Governing Body. The Vine Governing Body assumes responsibility and authority for all financial matters of the school with due diligence. An annual general meeting is held every year.

The Vine Christian School follows the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum supplied by the School for Tomorrow. The Vine Christian is an interdenominational school not falling under the authority and leadership of any one Church.

The current School Principal is Mrs Salie Timms and Mr Spencer Lombard is the School Administrator & Governing Body Chair.